Review: Meehan’s of Huntington

Meehan’s of Huntington
371 New York Avenue
Huntington Village, NY 11743
(631) 351-0831
Fax# (631) 351-1244

The Lovely Entrance To Meehan's of Huntington

I happen to love places like this, mainly because they remind me of my childhood, when Northern Irish Falls Road Nana and Grandpa lived with us, spoke in that lilting brogue that evoked green fields and bombs and hard times and fighting the good fight for the Four Green Fields. So, when Chef Boyfriend and I were looking for a place, not too pricey, in Huntington Village – which I realize is a stretch but bear with me – I said, “Ooh, Meehan’s, haven’t been there in an age.” And so we went in.

The atmosphere is inviting, and the wait staff is very attentive. Of course it was a Monday so it wasn’t very busy but still. There were tables with older gents who I assume were discussing AOH business – maybe taking up collections for the boys back home, and downing pints of stout with such ferocity it was making me a little queasy even from seven tables away. But it was all in good fun, and low-key, at least at 7 pm.  Our waitress took our drink orders (nothing extravagant and I must stress this – house Chardonnay in what I assume were those little Sutter Home bottles, and Pepsi), returned pronto and took our appetizer orders. I ordered the Hot Special Spinach Dip,  consisting of chopped cream spinach with diced andouille, Monterrey jack served with nachos for dipping. Didn’t seem like what Nana served but Nana boiled hell out of everything, so hey… C.B. ordered the Baked Clams. The dip arrived in 10 minutes and it was delicious. It’s a good thing it was his birthday and I was feeling benevolent and I put it in the middle and we shared. Because the clams never arrived. Boo.

For entrees, I ordered the Tilapia special, a nice size piece of fish with a rice pilaf on the side and julienned vegetables in pretty colors. I only really liked the broccoli but that’s no reflection on the chef – I hate squash. C.B. ordered NY Sirloin Steak (16 oz), grilled to order, blackened or teriyaki. He got RARE. As in walk it past the grill and bring it to the table.

The tilapia was top rate. Succulent, just the right amount of seasonings, a really nice size fish. The accompanying sides were good as well, despite my diversion to squash (and turnips – I am a bad Irishwoman). I tasted CB’s steak and it melted on my tongue.

We had no room for dessert – again – and I had half my dinner wrapped to go. All in all it was a lovely dinner for the love of my life on his birthday. I wanted him to have fun, and he did.

Til the bill came. I’m sorry – for a pub like that, dinner for two, even with a couple of GLASSES of wine, should not ring in at $100 plus tip. That’s insane. I realize it’s in Huntington Village, but so is Canterbury Ales and a host of other pubs. And it wasn’t really packed. My only other complaint was the missing clams, but the waitress was not using a pad, and she got everything else right. And I was full anyway. I just thought it was a bit sloppy, especially on a slow night, but it’s a mistake – and we all make them. I certainly wouldn’t let THAT keep me from coming back. The manager stopped by a couple of times to see if we needed anything, and the atmosphere made you want to hang for the night, but we had tickets to a show and had to get moving.

Meehan’s does lunch, dinner, takeout and catering. I understand you might want to call ahead on weekends, as it gets crowded (at least that’s what the manager told me). I’ll definitely be back eventually – but on a starving writers salary there’s only so many times you can give 1/8 of your rent over for a dinner.

And next time I’m trying the Irish specialties, to see if they live up to Nana’s.

And I’m bringing a calculator.


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