Review: Gyro Time, East Northport, NY

Gyro Time
354 Larkfield Road
East Northport, New York 11731

I have been driving past Gyro Time on Larkfield Road for nearly two years and, at least once a week, I have remarked to Chef Boyfriend, “We really need to check that place out. I love good Greek.”  Which generally evokes a comment having nothing to do with food, but that’s a different blog.

Tonight, feeling like not having to clean up after dinner (or even throwing out take away containers) I finally said, “Let’s go to Gyro Time.”  Gyro Time was established in April of 2009 by a partner of one of Queen’s most famous and well known gyro places, Gyro Corner. It’s small, it’s well-lit, the food is prepared right where you can see it. And the food is impressive.

We ordered the gyro plate, which comes with a Greek salad, your choice of lemon potatoes, fries or rice, pita triangles and a generous portion of tzatziki, the yummy yogurt-cucumber sauce. I picked the table closest to the food prep area (because I’m nosy like that), and watched the artisans behind the counter do their thing. Huge chunks of meats were being slowly cooked and basted in preparation for their appearance in the gyros, souvlaki and other Greek specialties. Our waitress was at our side with menus almost immediately and, while she didn’t hover (which I can’t stand) she almost psychically knew when we were ready to order. The salads arrived within 5 minutes, perfectly dressed and delicious, along with warm pita and tzatziki (I love saying that) for dipping. The gyro platters arrived about 10 minutes later, and they were literally heaped with strips of perfectly marinated lamb, succulent and flavorful, not remotely dry. I had the lemon potatoes, which were tasty and moist, while Chef Boyfriend had the fries (I didn’t try them – he says they were really good – crunchy, well cooked, not overdone, not over salty). There was so much food we had to have it wrapped to bring home. We even had the choice of Dr. Pepper to drink – a rarity in these parts, where it’s always Coke, Pepsi or Sprite (they also offer specialty Greek wines by the glass).  All this for $12.95. I couldn’t have asked for a better meal for the money.

The place was immaculate, from the counters to the bathrooms (I’m a restaurant bathroom fanatic).  The space is small, but it’s cozy and it doesn’t feel crowded. The only downside to the evening was the table full of screaming tweens across from us – in a room that small, parents really need to control the volume coming from their offsrping. I don’t like to have to shout across the table to my dinner companion.

I had absolutely no room for dessert or coffee, but we will definitely be returning to sample more of the menu – particularly the dolmas.  If you’re anywhere near the area, take the time to visit Gyro Time.


3 thoughts on “Review: Gyro Time, East Northport, NY

  1. You can’t beat a facefull of bear followed by kebab (thats us and Turks call them). Woke up on many a Sunday morning next to the previous nights keba

  2. Bear and kebabs, lol. And no, the gyro isn’t on a stick like a kebab. It’s either on a platter or wrapped in pita. Either way it’s nom. I love this place. AND I have last night’s leftovers for lunch!

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