Plum Crazy Gourmet Kitchen

Plum Crazy Gourmet Kitchen
95 Pulaski Road
Kings Park, NY 11754
Phone (631) 544-1000
Fax(631) 544-1020
On Facebook:

Delivery available.

Plum Crazy Gourmet Kitchen

Open just shy of five months, Plum Crazy Gourmet Kitchen has already made a name for itself in the village of Kings Park, LI. And with good reason. The expected ups and downs of a new business are all but unnoticeable to the clientele who flock in for the amazing food. Open from  Monday-Saturday from  6 am – 10 pm and Sunday from 6 am – 9 pm, you can find everything here from perfectly made breakfast sandwiches and wraps, breakfast platters, self-serve coffee and specialty coffees including lattes, macchiatos, cappucinos, Cafe Americano and whatever else you can throw at the Barista. The breakfast sandwiches, served either in a wrap, roll or hero, are stacked high with whatever ingredients the customer requests, always hot, and the wait, while sometimes a bit longer than 5 minutes, is always worth it.

Lunch time brings an amazing array of salads, paninis and sandwiches with daily specials (always posted on Facebook), as well as a steam table prepared by one of the best in the business (I know him personally). There’s no such thing as “is that too much to ask?” If there is any way possible to make it so, Chris, Tiffany, and the rest of the deli staff will make it so. If not, they’ll offer you an alternative so appealing you won’t know why you didn’t order that in the first place.

Plum Crazy is also open for dinner, and the steam table is slamming. Something new every day, with at least three gourmet selections to choose from. And vegetarians, fear not – there are AMPLE vegetarian dishes for breaksfast, lunch and dinner. The owner, Mark, is right on top of things and almost always available when he’s in the store (he has another location in the city). He’s always open to suggestions, and he triple checks that everything is copacetic.

In addition to all this, last Monday Plum Crazy introduced live music and a coffee bar. The performer, Scott Warner, has won the hearts and ears of hundreds of people in the Northport/East Northport area, and Plum Crazy was wise to get him before someone else did. From what I understand, Scott will be performing every Monday from 5:30 – 9. Acoustic music, some by bands you didn’t even know you liked until you heard Scott play and sing their stuff, a Jeff Buckley-esque rendition of “Hallelujah,”  plus coffee, munchies and a convivial atmosphere.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

All new businesses have their ups and downs, and I’m sure Plum Crazy is not having an easy time in this economy. I sincerely hope they stick it out, because it has a uniqueness that this area has long been lacking. There’s no screaming over music and beer orders. What there is, however, is a lovely group of people getting together, enjoying wonderfully prepared food by people who not only know how to cook but ENJOY cooking for others, and an owner that truly cares that the customer is always satisfied. For the sake of Kings Park and the surrounding areas, I hope Plum Crazy stays.

Plum Crazy is good for kids, accepts credit cards, is wheelchair accessible, and has street parking as well as a private lot in the rear.  Delivery and takeout, no alcohol, no reservations, no waiter service. Casual ambience.


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