Play with your food! Carbonated grapes.

I love playing with my food. I also love finding new blogs. This gives me both. That makes me happy.

Made by you and I

I’ve been having all kinds of fun with my ISI whip cream dispenser. Infusing milk (and later rum) with cacao essence from chocolate nibs was definitely a highlight. Here I’ve charged grapes.

I filled up the dispenser with grapes, added two jiggers of cognac, topped it off with water and charged it with two nitrous oxide cartridges. A couple of hours later I released the pressure.

Inside each grape were bubbles of carbon dioxide. The bowl was fizzing — food with sound! Biting into one is akin to pop rocks, but less aggressive. There is no flavour but sizzle on the tongue. The novelty caused me to really focus on my sense of taste. The fizz and flavour made me feel like I was eating a grape for the first time.

The cognac became diluted with grape juice, which, considering the brand, was a bad idea. The next day I…

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