Poll Time – FIGHT! FIGHT!

Okay, organic vs. non-organic. It’s a big deal (well, not as big as, say, WMD’s or Obama’s birth certificate) but still, it causes yelling by housewives and single dudes in the aisles of Whole Foods and Fairway. Those on the pro side say that anything as close to nature as possible has to be better for you – to which I reply, “HONEY, arsenic is natural. Are you going to sprinkle THAT on your kid’s granola?” Those on the con side say, “I wash my veggies before I eat them, and I don’t like little green worms (thank you Scarecrow) in my apples.”

So here’s the thing. Is “organic” really worth the extra trip, the extra money and all that? Wouldn’t it be worth finding non-toxic (I hate to say chemicals) methods of keeping the creepy crawlies off the food? Do we really need napalm to get rid of the weeds? Bottom line – is it really healthier? Remember your history, when milk was not homogenized or pasteurized? I mean sure, it’s great when it comes from breast to infant – depending on whether or not mom smokes crack – but you know cows, they eat poop.

I would love my faithful readers to really get into this subject, because it’s a hot one. I for one feel that food that is as close to raw as possible is good for you. But you all also know that I am a hedonist and a sensualist and I love my sauces and meats and intricately prepared dishes, and frankly, frankencarrots don’t work in those situations.

If you want to reach me other than on the blog, you can email me at demeters_daughter187@hotmail.com and I’ll try to answer your questions. If I can’t, I’ll ask Chef Boyfriend (but keep in mind, he says “Dirt is dirt,” or one of my several friends who swear by organic). And here’s a quote from one of my best friends, Katz – “I prefer traditional farming to modern farming….you throw organic in there and people get all wigged out…traditional being organic….long before chemical giants brought out pesticides and inhibiters etc”

Let the games begin.

*Note: Sorry, the poll feature is not working for me today. Must be the Sabbath for Poll Daddy. So just answer in comments. I do not delete or edit comments unless they’re really crude – the people that promote this blog like to keep it readable for all ages. Thank you in advance.


3 thoughts on “Poll Time – FIGHT! FIGHT!

  1. This new “organic” kick really bugs me. I mean, think about it. I can walk into a store and pick out 2 tomatoes. 1 of them will cost a whole $1 more simply because it is “organic.” So basically I’m now paying more for a tomato that is possibly not bug free or even disease free.

    My answer is bioengineering. I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of flack for it, but I don’t care. It’s a simply process actually, much like vaccines for humans. You take the DNA of the pest in question and make something similar to a vaccine for the plant. Inject it and the plant will soon grow immune to the pest. Now, it will take a few generations before the antibodies are naturally produced by the plant, but to me it’s well worth it.

    • “Monsanto.” Stark (another friend) told me that the carrots he got that were injected with that stuff tatsted like caca. I’ll just get the fruit and veggie wash in the produce aisle, shop at the Farmers Market on Saturdays, and take my chances. Besides – flies and inchworms are protein. And you will never build immunity to things if you’re never exposed to them. Basically, if the tomato looks ROTTEN, don’t BUY IT.

  2. Hi
    ‘Organic’ is so much more than just not using pesticides. It is an holistic way of farming and producing food. It is about seasonality and working with nature rather than against it. It is about building an animal’s natural immune system, so it can fight diseases & internal parasites themselves, rather than medicating it from the day it’s born. This in itself lends to different arguments, from the hippy ‘as nature intended’ and to issues of the multi-national agri-pharmaceutical companies).
    It is about rearing and finishes animals on grass, a way to utilise much of the hill grassland (in the UK anyway) that isn’t good enough to grow veggies. Where as intensive farming relies much more on grain & soya, which is imported from the other side of the world, again more arguments on food miles/forest devastation/GM issues.
    Pesticides & hebicides kill much more that just the pest intended. By taking one species out either just allows another to flourish in it’s place or kills out the next in line in the food chain. In organic systems, bio diversity is increased by building beetle banks and grow plants that attract the pest’s predators.
    Anyways I can rant about organic practices for a while, but better not. I just want people to realise that organic is much more than just ‘don’t use sprays’. Sorry, don’t want to come across as a preacher but in my opinion, people need to be more aware of where their food comes from in general before they become too opinionated in how it’s produced.

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