Butter is Your Friend

Butter makes everything better

A very sad thing happened recently here on Long Island. A seafood restaurant closed. This place offered an amazing lobster special – a 2 1/2 pound lobster (steamed or broiled), corn, cole slaw and fries, for the ridiculously low price of $15 and change. It wasn’t a fancy place, but it was new, and the food was cooked perfectly. Of course, the first time we ate there, I ordered the lobster. Steamed. It came with wedges of lemon and little cups of yellow liquid that I assumed were drawn butter.

I was wrong.

It wasn’t butter. Hell, it wasn’t even margarine. It was akin to that stuff they insist on pumping onto your $8 popcorn in the movie theater. To put that next to a perfectly cooked lobster should be illegal in all 50 states, but most especially on an ISLAND. The place opened and closed within 6 months, and I am convinced that the plastic butter substitute had a lot to do with it.

Butter is not a bad thing, folks. Unlike manufactured trans-fats, it’s loaded with good stuff, including vitamins, a natural liver cleanser and oleic acid – which is also found in olive oil, of which everyone is so enamored these days.  But aside from the health factor, butter just TASTES good. And that’s what we’re all about here – how good it tastes.

Butter is one of the best flavor carriers for spices, vanilla and other fat soluble ingredients. When you sauté an onion in butter before adding the base ingredients, all the flavor from the onions will be carried by the butter into the dish. Butter can be used to provide the primary, characteristic flavor of a sauce, as in Bechamel-type sauces, or in dessert toppings, such as butterscotch. And what tastes better than an egg scrambled in butter? The answer to that would be NOTHING. Except maybe freshly cooked corn on the cob drowned in butter, or butter melted on waffles or pancakes. Mashed potatoes with butter drizzling down the sides. Toast with butter.  A heated corn muffin with…BUTTER.

Butter pretty much makes everything taste better. And since nobody – except my weird nephew Harold – sits down and eats a stick of butter like it’s lunch, it’s not going to kill you. Human beings have been eating animal fats far longer than we’ve been abstaining from them, and despite the dire warnings from the chemically-induced fat-free food companies, the butter you eat does not make a beeline from your stomach to your arteries and cause a heart attack at the dinner table.

So, next time you order a lobster, tell the waitperson that if it doesn’t come with REAL butter, and lots of it, you’re leaving. And you’re taking all your friends with you. Because butter is your friend. And we must always support our friends.


6 thoughts on “Butter is Your Friend

  1. It’s really sad that REAL butter has gotten such a bad rap when it’s really all that fake manufactured crap that they try to feed us is what is really bad for you.

    Real butter not only makes darn near everything taste better, it’s actually good for you. It’s actually the overload of carbs that’s making us fat, not the rich, beautiful animal fat and protein that human beings have been eating since… well the dawn of man.

  2. You think it’s butter but it, snot…… Julia Child was right “Butter makes it better. Parkay and butter substitutes are just gross. I would never cook with them. It’s butter or it’s nothing. Sure margarine is good when Grandma puts smears on some bread on your way out the door, my grandmother never did, but I am sure some grandmothers do. Chemicals are bad period If I want to eat a chemical I would find better chemicals to eat then these vegetable oil fabrications yuck. Imagine a lovely white wine garlic sauce smooth and velvety strained five times etc…. and then you find out the chef used margarine instead of butter to save penny s, I wouldn’t put in my mouth , besides it would just fall apart. Let’s face it you are right butter is my friend.

  3. I’ve always loved real butter. It can make things taste so much better. Thanks, Mo! I’ll remember to pick up a small pack of real butter next time I go grocery shopping. Sadly, I normally have to make do with margarine.

  4. I really enjoyed your article, Mo. Could be partly because I was drooling at the mention of a lobster fresh from the sea. What could outstrip that? Oh yes – a lobster swimming in gorgeous butter and lightly sprinkled with lemon juice. Yes, yes.
    Nice to read a gastronomic article which is up to date with the health specs, too.
    Butter is yummy and one of the healthier fats. Good on you!

  5. Thank you guys so much for reading and responding to my posts. I love that I’m not the only person out there who’s sick of being told I’m eating unhealthy things when I know FOR A FACT that something that comes from milk HAS to be healthier than something that comes out of a lab. I’m just sayin’.

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